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Just a handful of Sundays til we dive into a Larger World!  Hang in there.


If you've not caught up yet, you've run out of excuses!  Season 6 is finally available on Netflix.  The DVD / Blu-ray is available through the usual retailers. Remember, the Blu-Ray has the alternate Explicit Negan entrance!  After viewing, I believe this version of the scene carries far more menace - not due to the profanity - but it seems to have darkened Jeffrey Dean Morgan's performance brilliantly.  I much prefer this version.

How can I watch Season 7?  

I get this question a lot.  Whether your cable provider is an idiot, you're traveling, or you've moved out of country.  For a true TWD fan, not being able to watch the show as it airs is a problem worth solving. 

I found myself traveling quite a lot last year.  NONE of the hotels seem to have AMC on their lineup...  Like you, I simply cannot miss The Walking Dead, so I scrambled to find a way to watch.  The best solution I found was Sling TV.  I subscribed during the months I was traveling, and was able to watch as the show aired.  I will not likely need to subscribe this year, but if I find myself without TWD, I'll be renewing my membership.  Let me know if you have another way to watch, or if SlingTV worked for you!

NOTE: I am not an affiliate - I get absolutely nothing by referring you - I am simply a happy seasonal subscriber.

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October 31, 2016

So disappointed! Keeps going down hill!

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